Christmas & New Year Promotion
We would like to wish all our Premium Wallet's users Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To celebrate this joyful moment, we are running a few promotions from 25-Dec-2021 to 10-Jan-2022.

Shortlinks Wall Earning Increased 50%
Claim from Shorlinks Wall and get 150% earnings in USDT during the promotion period. You could withdraw your eanings with just 2 days of claimings while paying zero fee using Withdrawal Fee Allowance (WFA).

0.01 USDT For Both USDT Tether Withdrawal Fee and Minimum Withdraw Amount
Can you find a wallet which cost only 0.01 USDT for a USDT Tether withdrawal as well as required only 0.01 USDT minimum withdrawal amount? Answer is yes.
We make it happened during the promotion period which you can withdraw your USDT earnings with the lowest withdrawal fee / minimum withdraw amount in the world.
What could be more exciting, when the 0.01 USDT withdrawal fee can be offset by paying using the Withdrawal Fee Allowance which you received as an early bird signup reward.

No hesitation, grab this opportunity to claim and withdraw to anywhere you want instantly.
Stay with us for more updates and promotions!
25 December 2021, 8:00 am
PREMIUMWALLET.IO Launching On 1st December 2021
We are glad to announce that our new multi crypto wallet site is launching on 1st December 2021.
To celebrate this joyful moment, we are giving away free withdrawals (zero fee) to early birds.
Be among the first 1000 users to register and verify your email, you will be awarded with $0.10 USD worth of withdrawal fee allowance (WFA).
Using the WFA to pay for the withdrawal fee which mean there will be no withdrawal fee deducted from your withdrawal amount.
Take this opportunity to try out the features on our new site and you won't be regretted!

Here are among the features which our site offers:-
- Send And Receive Crypto
- Multiple Ways Of Earnings
- Fast Deposit & Instant Withdrawal
- Exchanger
- Advanced API
- Referral Program
- Reward System
- Report And Statistic
1 December 2021, 12:00 pm